was it puppy love?

Eiffel-tower-at-night-wallpaperi was glad to be graduated
three boring years finally passed
didn’t think i loved it much
but i’d had fun

on sunday afternoon
i was going to photo studio
they wanted my photograph
Oops! No…
next day i would had a ‘hazing’ day

on the way
i found such funny feelin’
without knowing where it came from
but just felt it haunted me
i was uneasy

i became crazy
whispered to myself
let it be gone.. just let it be gone..
should driven out..  yeah driven out…

i arrived and couldn’t believe what i see
i gave myself little shake
but it was true, it was real
and i wasn’t dreaming…
you’re with her
it’s broken me down
kicked me out..
you sent me off to sorrow island

instead of hoping had a nice memories
my day’s out led me to a very bad luck
i was crying… everybody could see it
and you’d never known
how many times i’d wiped my tears
that day


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