Little Girl

little girlthey looked you as little girl in poverty
but you should know, baby…. poverty is NOT sin.. NOT also your fault
i remember when we were a child
we played together, smiled together
you saved me from the little hoodlums

i came to your home — they called it hut —
but you should know baby, that’s the best place i’ve ever seen
it was small but clean
there was no brick wall there’s only plywood
there was no door, just curtains covered up your privacy
family slept on the same bed in the same room
but don’t worry, baby…. it makes you warm

you served me cup of tea
you said sorry there’s no sugar
i’d never asked for more
for biscuits or even chocolate cake
and you should know, baby….
it’s coz i sipped the most delicious tea in my whole life

you came to my house
you stepped in so doubtfully
we’re just children, baby… please don’t think too much

i was happy if i could share you my clothes
i loved to see you dressed in beautiful shirt
i’d love to say to the world
look! we’re not different… we’re never different

your eyes were glistening and you looked so glad
but i asked myself : “is that enough?”
“were you really happy?”


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