Things We Do

3112105201043225020you jump I jump
you make us feel challenged
show you’re a man and i’m a woman
you think i can’t beat you
but look i jump higher
write scores on that invisible board

we keep playing under bright blue sky
no matter time we’ve had it through
no matter if we break a sweat
no matter if we still dressed in our work outfit
when you’re with me…
i can’t even seen somebody else

if i’m exist you’ll stay longer
if i’m not there you’ll try to find me
if i dunno who will pick me up
i can call you and you’ll soon be here

coz you i can be what i’m not..
who staring at the bench you used to sit on
i like a pen that you used to write for
and spectacles that you leave on..
suddenly looks mesmerizing

somehow we argue on telephone
i’m angry and you’re so
this is us when we’re apart
how silly! coz now you’re on the way
and we’ll meet in an hour

when we caught up again..
you smile meaningfully
and anger has disappeared

sometimes i’m stumped
how can we understand each other
i know what you want without asking
you know what i mean with only stare my eyes
that’s the grace

it all strange but beautiful
screw up mind but wonderful
the things we do that i always miss all the time


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