Bright Star in Audition


he was newborn bright star in audition
started stepping up the stairs of fame
first he was sweet boy, a baby boy
when all so pure, he looked perfect!
what’s the worse than betrayal?
my rock soul turned into pop, somehow
aha! seemed he was prince of charming
you make me dancing in the song

i watched all about his on news flash
being addicted following his twitter
switched my laptop wallpaper into his pic
was it too much, eh?

but the more i get closer the less i love
he doesn’t like a sweet boy i’d ever thought about
now i’m sick of his acting.. sick of his behaviour
i don’t never doubt his talent
but what he’s now seems to be a different story

his songs still ringing in my head
like i said he’s talented, keep charming already
but today let me separate him from the songs
adore his song instead of he is
so he won’t there anymore.. but still, i can hear the song
singing it, dancing in it all along….


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