Letter to Sir Alex Ferguson #thankyousiralex


Heartbreaking.  How i remember a few months ago, you said you might stay at Old Trafford for 2-3 next seasons. On the contrary, the end of Fergie’s era comes very now, sooner and unpredictable. Indeed, i know you’ll retire at anytime, but i’d never thought it would be “NOW”.

I’m a less than 20 years Utd’s fan, and for me there’s only manager stood up for United. He’s SAF. Though players come and go, but SAF carries on. Your figure seems cannot be denied as my biggest reason of loving ManUtd. I immensely respect you. If people like meself — united’s fan who just know you through publicity– could give you some credits,  call you as an incredible manager wouldn’t be enough, I’d say you’re fantastic and phenomenal. I bet people won’t easily going to leapfrog  your record. A truly visioner – a far-sighted visioner–. Totality, dedication, and fidelity can’t be separated from yourself.  You’re ManUtd’s  hero and 26 years reign is remarkable! You’re my inspirator, my pride, my idol.

Thank you for everything you’ve done to the fans, thanks for building the club. Thank you for bringing ManuUtd up to the highest level. Thank you for winning utd many achievements. Thank you for being father of players and beloved figure.

Wishing you a bunch of joy~~



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