Ocean Heart


Woman’s heart like the ocean
Cannot measured how deep or wide it is
She can keep everything alone for thousand years
No one can even seen, no one knows
She may look beautiful on the outside
But who knows if her heart is blue

If you ask her “are you okay?”
She will say “yes” for sure
But if you believe it, you are blind
It’s not the way she describes her feeling honestly
All is in her eyes and eyes cannot lied
She does it to make everything around her “okay”
Women are always want to protect someone she loved
Doesn’t care if it makes her sad

Some people think women are weak
People can judge through her tears that almost always streaming down the cheeks
For women, tears is a gift granted by God to relieve burden

If she said “Listen to me” then just listen to her
She doesn’t need you to solve her problem
Because women always know what to do when her feeling gets better
Just give her your shoulder and listen…


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