this is the first time i create my blog using english. I know this just little bit extreme related to my unfavourable english skill. No matter what, i’m just trying to reach it and getting more closer to be an advanced. Maybe you’ll find something funny, silly, annoying and mistakes everywhere.. But i tell you i don’t really care about all those things. I’ll keep practising.. You can post any suggestions for my improvement if you want.. and i’ll thank you for that. Cheers and enjoy! 😀

Manusia kepedean ceritanya, benar tidak benar.. hajar saja :p

This is short conversation between my Left Brain and Right Brain

Left Brain : No, you can’t take the risks to be ridiculated for your low english competency
Right Brain : You must do dear, this is supposed to be such a good learning
Left Brain : but you probably would be critisized…  what about it?
Right Brain : i understand the risks and i’ll keep on going
Left brain : but if you be critisized you will so shame
Right Brain : what’s more embarassing than never trying  at all?
Left Brain : you’re very stubborn.. i tell you for your kindness
Right Brain : No, you’re not… you want me to be in comfort zone as always . You make me scare of taking high risks, you make me stay in the same place for along time. That’s enough! you always say but…but… and but… something that never really happened.


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